What happens to a dream deferred....well in our case...in 2011 Princess, Inc. was officially incorporated and a team was developed with the hopes that the mentors--affectionately noted as the ambassadors of the organization would serve as accountability coaches, mentors and role models for each young lady within our program. Collectively, with the help from the young ladies, their parents and the community--we use that collective strength to create innovative and thought provoking programming tackling issues such as: healthy self esteem, self development & self efficacy; healthy decision making, academic excellence, community service, social & civic responsibility, scholarship, Women's Health issues, and so much more.

Our ultimate hope for each young lady is that she have the innate passion to make an active investment in her own community and internationally through philanthropy and community service, to be cognizant of the importance of sustaining her own mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health, and to live outside of the stereotypes and negative myths & misconceptions often portrayed in the media and society by creating her own positive standards! #bethebossyouare #begreat