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It all started when…

Indra & Automne wanted to jump Double Dutch in Atlantic City's Lt. Sgt. Harold R. Brown's Park---something which took a lifetime for them to accomplish! The Jubliee Jumping Co. is a health and wellness company designed to provide experiences tailored to the urban community that highlights exercise, their hybrid mentoring model, encourages healthy self esteem/confidence and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Through double dutch and mentoring we are cultivating young ladies to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem through fun and invigorating physical activity. Automne Bennett and Indra L. Owens are the creators and founding members of the company, now partnering with the Founder/Owner of the International Double Dutch League, Ms. Laila Little.

As a pair they handle general company maintenance and operations; planning, programming and implementation, website design and maintenance and bookkeeping and accounting. In addition to daily tasks, they will also handle all marketing, event planning and social networking.The Jubilee Jumping Co. will offer mentoring and health and wellness education through the use of Double Dutch. With this sport, we will provide physical activity and exercise in an unconventional way.

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