Double Dutch was one of the best games to play as a young girl in the neighborhood.  I loved to hear the whipping of the ropes on the cement as we screamed “God no higher no higher than God” to be the first to jump that round.  We learned from the older women in the neighborhood who would teach us how we got into the rope; the value of listening and showed off their skills at the same time. If you’re like me, you love this game and reminisce on the days of old when you and your girls played for hours on end!  Recently, Double Dutch has made a major comeback for all age groups and whether you’re a novice or veteran jumper, there is something you could learn about the game.  Not convinced that Double Dutch is for you?  Here are five reasons why you should give the game a try.

  1. Confidence

    If you learned to play the game at seven years old than you know what it felt like to have a whipping rope clap at what seemed like lightning speed.  Yet no matter how many times the rope hit you; you tripped over your own feet or got tangled inside, you never quit jumping (and you knew for certain people were watching)!  This game gave you the confidence to jump because you didn’t want to go home one more day not knowing how to play.  In life it’s always about how you show up and playing this game made you show up and give it your best no matter how many times you stumbled!


  2. Rhythm

    Two ropes turning inwardly at a certain speed made it so you had to jump in to see what you were made of but there was a certain sound that came with that.  The more comfortable you became the more you heard the hum of those skipping ropes and knew when to thrust yourself inside.  Skipping between two ropes and listening to the sound that you need to get in is a skill in itself.  There is a feeling associated with bobbing back and forth and the more attention you paid the more you developed the skillset to jump!


  3. Exercise

    Not only is Double Dutch fun but it’s also healthy! Because it is a three person game and everyone gets a turn, time flies by quickly making it a much more exciting activity than going to the gym.  The average amateur jumper gets into the rope and can jump from 30 seconds to one minute and the better you become the longer you jump.  A good, competitive game can last at least 90 minutes.


  4. Friendship

    Because this game was a neighborhood sport and everyone liked it, you made friends with those on your block and in the neighborhood.  As kids, we bonded as we helped each other grow and that developed the relationships that many of us still have.  We all know our crews that helped win neighborhood jumping challenges!


  5. Teachable

    In order to be very proficient, you needed the advice of those who could truly play.  They gave their insights, taught you new techniques and different ways to jump but also cheered you on when you did well!  Playing this game allows you to learn how to take constructive criticism and apply what you learned.  The more you listened the better you played.

Playing Double Dutch is one of the highlights of many of our childhoods.  It was a game we played all summer and until it got too cold; we made friends and shared a common interest with other girls we knew!  Join Princess, Inc. as they host the first ever Double Dutch extravaganza in Atlantic City on June 10, 2017.  If you are interested in donating or becoming a sponsor please visit our website at www.princessinc.org!